Bandung by gilang

“Love can be found in unexpected places. Sometimes we go out searching for what we think we want and we end up with what we're supposed to have.“ - Kate McGahan Meet our fun & extraordinary couple, Jess & Farn. It was such an experience for us to take part in their journey. When we plan the photoshoot, usually we’ll start by trying to know our couples better; we discuss the concept, learn their preferences ans ask their stories because we believe each one of them is unique. For Jess & Farn, they were actually junior high school mates. But no, there was no romance involved at that time. They graduated and continued life. Years later, these lovebirds bumped into each other and were inseparable ever since. It’s amazing to see how love always find its way, isn’t it? We went to the lake and it was magical! The mist, the gentle sun rays were lovely but their genuine connection is what makes this photoshoot so special. Anybody can tell that they are so madly in love with each other; that they two are best friends. We felt so lucky to witness such a beautiful relationship that Jess & Farn shared. At the end of the day I guess what we truly want is to be with someone that you can be silly with and love you just as the way you are. And that exactly what we see from Jessica & Farhan. :)